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Tel:  404 661 8697

Fax: 770 454 9568​

​​2900 Chamblee Tucker Rd.

Bldg. 5-300

Atlanta, GA 30341





Commercial Real Estate, 

Business Transactions,
Family Immigration,
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy,
Personal Injury Auto Accident, Uncontested Divorce,
Probate/Estate Planning


The Firm


With over 30 years of experience, providing our clients with exemplary service is our commitment and passion. 


We adhere to the highest level of professionalism and excellence in representing our clients.


Our clients are individuals and small businesses.  Our firm's philosophy is to treat each client with individual care and attention.  We strive to listen and understand so that we can offer and develop the best legal course for each client.


Our goal is to develop a strong and solid foundation of trust and respect with our clients so that they feel confident entrusting our firm with their legal needs.  

Latest Insights


Statute of Limitations controls the time you have to file a lawsuit. Please consult with our attorney to make sure that your potential claim is not extinguished by the lapse of statute of limitations.


Proper Estate Planning is a way to avoid potential stress, expense and friction amongst your suviving family members and loved ones. Consult with our attorney to have a plan in place that will minimize potential conflicts that may arise from your estate after your death.


Family Immigration law is frequently in a state of flux. Consult with our attorney to gain information on the latest changes and news in family immigration law. 

Court Decisions

Trump vs. New York
Docket Number: 20-366
Court: US Supreme Court
Date:  December 18, 2020

Shinn vs. Kayer
Docket Number: 19-1302
Court: US Supreme Court
Date: December 14, 2020

Tanzin vs. Tanvir
Docket Number: 19-71
Court: US Supreme Court
Date: December 10, 2020

United States vs. Briggs

Docket Number: 19-108

Date: December 10, 2020


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